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Diet Supplements and Sport Nutrition

Tel: +48 883 463 047
E-Mail:  suplementy@int.pl

Our shop offers wide variety of diet supplements and sport nutrition for people of active life-style. You do work out hard and have no time and chance to provide yourself with a proper amount of micro- and macronutrients in your daily food intake? You need additional energy charge before workout? You are overwhelmed by everyday’s duty and you are running out of power? You study and need to focus on revising for exams? Or you are already University’s big-time and you manage new technology implementation? Whatever you do, you need right nutrients. We are happy to aid you choosing the right ones. Creatines, fat-burners, proteins, gainers, carbohydrates, isotonics, pre-workout formulas, vitamins and minerals, adaptogens, herbs, health-promoting supplements, healthy food, healthy snacks. Our offer consists of recognized and renowned brands only, the brands from Poland and USA. The brands that we fully trust ourselves. Universal Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, PVL, MuscleTech, BSN, NOW Foods, 6PAK, SportDefinition, Essence, Trec. Do not lose your time to seek all over Silesia. Give us a call and check the stock. We will prepare your order, advise if needed and you pick up your goods whenever convenient for you. We got all you need to achieve your sport goals. We offer best quality only and high standard of services. All of that for a good price.